baby, it's cold outside....

sweater:tommy hilfiger jeans:burlington coat factory shoes:dsw
So, this is what I wore today. It's getting pretty chilly in my part of the country, so I to triple up on layers today. Tomorrow I'm definitely wearing gloves and a hat. My legs look like the mannequins on F21.com. That's great(sarcasm). A long time ago I watching this interview of Tommy Hilfiger and they asked him why did he think the urban youth took to his clothing?
His response: "I'm not too sure why the urban youth has taken to my clothing, maybe it has to do with my love for the streets."


i'm living in pretty crazy times

September probably won't have any posts at all, due to my EXTREMELY busy schedule. Academics, Arts, and Athletics have taken over my life. I have NO life at all. It'll slow down a bit around mid October, so expect more then. Thanks!