for better or worse, I still will choose you first

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This outfit is actually from a couple days ago. But nonetheless, remember that Thanksgiving is being around people you love, whether that's friends or family, and being grateful for them. Have an excellent one, and may the odds be in your favor on black friday.


winter campus trends

winter trends
Winter is in full swing here at Kent and most of us are dressing appropriately. Having such a large fashion student population, I've witnessed some pretty creative takes on dressing warm. I've also noticed a few consistent trends. The first being the Hiker boot. The classic Timberland boots has regained popularity, and has inspired different brands to produce their own hiking styles. Another trend that is the cutout shoulder sweater, which is a little counterproductive. But cool nonetheless. Military-style parkas are going strong still. Finally I've noticed more skater skirts in cold weather materials such as leather and wool.