one day I'll make six g's...

and be able to afford all of these wonderful things :

             Alexander McQueen $715                                     Alexander Wang $995

           Alice + Olivia $385                                      Ann Sui $400

           ChloĆ© $475                                                    D&G $285

               DAY Birger et Mikkelsen $220                               Marni  $1,430

          By Malene Birger $265                         Oscar de la Renta $1,390

         Proenza Schouler $860                                  Rebecca Taylor  $375

           Mulberry $1,250                                       Sonia by Sonia Rykiel $215



sometimes life can get a little complicated.

but for right now it's simple.

drinking green tea.

wearing my own creation.

school reading.


stay gold.

Just finished watching the film version of The Outsiders. This story always makes me cry.

all images via google.


discovery zone y'all.

cardigan;old navy shirt;old navy  jeans; F21  shoes; UO belt; mother

My honors english class is acting out acts four and five of Romeo and Juliet. We had an act-off for Juliet, it was pretty good. The first girl was really serious and you could tell she really wanted it because she got into it. The second girl just laughed through the entire thing. It came down to a vote and the first girl won. When our director asked who wanted to be Romeo, all the guys tried not to make eye contact with her, it was hilarious. None of the guys volunteered for any male roles. And the two guys who would, happened to not be here today. How convienent. I wanted to be the costume person and Balthazar/Balthasar, even though it's a male role. We are watching Romeo + Juliet in class also, and his role in this version cracks me up for some odd reason. He hasn't had many lines so far, but he always just there, and it's somewhat humorous.

Hmm, anything else random I can ramble on about.... I don't think so.

Hope you guys had a lovely day!


as empty as a drum.

Above are some incredibly random photos that have been saved to my computer for a while now, I've just been too lazy to upload them. If you  can't tell by now, I'm pretty lazy. Enough about my negative qualities and on to the pictures... The top two are quite hilarious. The model's expression caught my eye instantly. Here's to attitude!


I can see grass!

 The snow is melting and I'm super excited because spring is just around the corner. Today I saw grass for the first time in three weeks. There was tons of snow on my deck and it's all melted. Yay.

Anyway, these are my first outfit pictures taken with my new baby, Regal aka my new Canon. These don't have the best lighting but these ones below do:

yum, starbucks frappuccino.

my brother slipping on the ice. i love this picture.


keith haring.






these are beyond amazing.

when i was browsing the site, there were so many I wanted to choose.


he do what he please.

cardigan(worn as a dress);old navy  tights;?  legwarmers;?  boots;macy's  backpack;thrifted beanie;F21

Wow, I haven't done an outfit post in a gazillon years.

Today we started registration (my worst nightmare) and we recieved our "unofficial" transcripts. Turns out I'm #22 in my class (out of 402). I've gotten better grades this year than the past three years combined. Some of my friends got really low like lower 200s. It's craziness man. Craziness.