never knew what I was missing

Fault Magazine.
These are beautiful.

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often accompanied by violence.

sweatshirt;F21  pants;thrifted  shoes;UO

you better throw away those glowsticks.


cardigan; old navy  blouse;F21  jeans;bongo


blazer;charlotte russe  jeans;kohl's  necklace; F21  shoes; converse piano;thrifted


let me introduce you to some kids that you ain't use to

cardigan;F21 jeans;F21 boots;macy's scarf;DIY shirt;F21

riding low




it's your birthday, so i know you want to ride out.

              So my birthday is in exactly 14 days 345 hours 20731 minutes 1243875 seconds. (Yes, I have an exact time countdown). I come from a family that doesn't make a super huge deal about birthdays, most people forget to even call, so if I'm lucky, I'll probably get a new phone and some cash. I'm hoping for a LOT of cash so I can get the following things:

I probably would never pay for this if it didn't have the pockets and I didn't adore the collar.
It's a little overpriced, but I love it. (Thanks Mom for giving me your inability to spend money.)

So even though I've had my fujifilm finepix for only 3 ish months now, I still want a better camera. And this one is slightly better. I've read tons of reviews, and this seems to be a camera that takes good photos and that's in my price range. (My grandpa asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and even though I wanted to say this, I didn't want to be the spoiled grandaughter, so I didn't say anything. I think it's best if I just buy this on my own).

This beautiful creation here is the phone that I am lusting over. I really love it, and it'll be a nice upgrade from my now beat up palm centro.

(If anybody has this phone or camera and could give me some tips/advice/whatever you want to call it, that would be great).

Thanks : )


my life continues inching along.

actual vintage,

vintage inspired,

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you're the one that I want ooh ooh oohh

These are some items I'm lusting over currently. I started to put text on all the images, but then I got lazy and decided not to.

Things I must absolutely purchase before 2010 is over:
(note: I probably wont buy these exact items because some of them are way over my budget. I guess these are just the types of things I want).

-Gray Adidas sneakers
- Buy.com Pearl Brooch $19
-American Apparel circle scarf $28 (ridculous price for a scarf)
- Ruche romper $30
-Old Navy khaki pants $33
-Gap camp shirt $50
- Fred Flare gold brocade dress $40
-Gettel wedges $100
-Free People cargo jacket $138
-Unknown source peach colored jeans $172
-ModCloth floral dress $50
-Happy Socks pink socks $12
-Monsoon Brooch $16
-Asos pink qulited bag $20
-Ruche lace up boots $42 (really like these)
-Topshop cream socks $6
-Urban Outfitters pocket watch $39
-Topshop locket $30
-Urban Outfitters t-strap shoes $28
-Judith Jack cocktail ring $125
-Asos floral dress $93
-Topshop rose socks $6
-AE beanie $15
-Asos floral messenger bag $65
-American Apparel dolman sleeve hoodie $29
-Calypso Celle sheer sweater $69
-ModCloth penny loafers $30
-Random sweater $95
-Asos boots $71
-Aldo wedges $100
- Nike gold dunks
- Alexander Wang striped tank $98
-Missel Fridge rings $10

So there's some beautiful items for your viewing pleasure. This post took me ten years.

ps. I'm thinking about going thrifting this weekend, I'll post my finds on Monday/Tuesday, if I end up going.

François Dillinger.

So this post is a little late, but I saw Youth In Revolt on Sunday.
I thought it was going to be raunchy, but it turned out be a hilarious love story. Well kinda.

François Dillinger:

"I want to tickle your belly button....from the inside."

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It's the way I see, everything I need.

So no outfit post today, because what I wearing isn't worth a 20 minute appointment with my camera. (Which I'm think of naming Clive. or Optimus.) It's exam week, and I've been in and out of school.
My friend and I walked to the public library after our first exam. Out of complete boredom, I took some pictures.

My friend engrossed in a cheesy romance novel. (Undercover Virgin to be exact).

Our view from the room we were in. It was a gloomy day.

This one was taken at my house. Look at how boring my outfit is. It's a shame.

My brother and I, being the coolest people ever (sike), had a little fun dancing and jumping around, while my camera, erm...excuse me, Clive/Optimus took pictures. Because we're that mature. (Wow, I'm just dishing out the sarcasm in this post, along with the parentheses).

If you're taking exams right now, good luck !


what hump?

cardigan; oldnavy  cords;F21  shoes;DSW

I'm home early today because it's exam week, and I only had two to take today. (Wow, talk about alliteration!) So, I'm just chilling at home watching Young Frankenstein. Such a classic. It's hilarious.

Dr.F-" You know, I'm a rather brillant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump."

Igor-"What hump?"


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somewhere hiding underneath

Here are some of my favorites from the Golden Globes:

I love this on her. Very sophisticated, and age appropriate. And glamorous.
And how cute is her husband ,David, holding her umbrella ?

Beautiful. That's it.

Seems like I'm attracted to shiny things. She looks great.

Even though this one reminds me of some sort of nightmare gothic bride, I kind of like it. But then again, I might be bias because I love Glee so much.

There were a couple of other dresses that I liked, but I guess I'm too much of a lazy bum to post them.

you can't choke a legend !

So I made these legwarmer type things myself. I did 23 Dcs (cause that's the width that fit around my leg comfortably). Then i just kept doing dcs until I got the height I wanted. If you crochet you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, you should start! It's not that hard, once you get the basics down, everything else is super easy. My next project is going to be a condom hat aka a slouchy beanie. If you want to know why I call it a condom hat, leave me a comment : )

my bones are shattered

sweater: mom's  shorts;?  legwarmers;DIY  shoes;UO


building castles in the sky

shoes; UO  skirt;burlington  shirt;mom's closet


You're selfish, and I'm sorry

I think she kind of looks like madonna in this one. ^