you're the one that I want ooh ooh oohh

These are some items I'm lusting over currently. I started to put text on all the images, but then I got lazy and decided not to.

Things I must absolutely purchase before 2010 is over:
(note: I probably wont buy these exact items because some of them are way over my budget. I guess these are just the types of things I want).

-Gray Adidas sneakers
- Buy.com Pearl Brooch $19
-American Apparel circle scarf $28 (ridculous price for a scarf)
- Ruche romper $30
-Old Navy khaki pants $33
-Gap camp shirt $50
- Fred Flare gold brocade dress $40
-Gettel wedges $100
-Free People cargo jacket $138
-Unknown source peach colored jeans $172
-ModCloth floral dress $50
-Happy Socks pink socks $12
-Monsoon Brooch $16
-Asos pink qulited bag $20
-Ruche lace up boots $42 (really like these)
-Topshop cream socks $6
-Urban Outfitters pocket watch $39
-Topshop locket $30
-Urban Outfitters t-strap shoes $28
-Judith Jack cocktail ring $125
-Asos floral dress $93
-Topshop rose socks $6
-AE beanie $15
-Asos floral messenger bag $65
-American Apparel dolman sleeve hoodie $29
-Calypso Celle sheer sweater $69
-ModCloth penny loafers $30
-Random sweater $95
-Asos boots $71
-Aldo wedges $100
- Nike gold dunks
- Alexander Wang striped tank $98
-Missel Fridge rings $10

So there's some beautiful items for your viewing pleasure. This post took me ten years.

ps. I'm thinking about going thrifting this weekend, I'll post my finds on Monday/Tuesday, if I end up going.


  1. i need to get that aa circe scarf ....

  2. i know ! isn't it amazing, and i'd bet it's warm too.


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