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Here are some of my favorites from the Golden Globes:

I love this on her. Very sophisticated, and age appropriate. And glamorous.
And how cute is her husband ,David, holding her umbrella ?

Beautiful. That's it.

Seems like I'm attracted to shiny things. She looks great.

Even though this one reminds me of some sort of nightmare gothic bride, I kind of like it. But then again, I might be bias because I love Glee so much.

There were a couple of other dresses that I liked, but I guess I'm too much of a lazy bum to post them.


  1. woah! looks like the latest trend is a man on your right hand side holding an umbrella xx

  2. Glee is an awesome programme! *Just a small time girl..*. I quite like Drew Barrymore's dress, the nude colour works well, with a pink lip.



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