javier the peruvian elephant

What I wore today.
shirt:wetseal skirt:marc ecko tights:F21 cardigan:oldnavy


upside down and inside out.

This past summer when I went school shopping, I bought this really cute (I'm starting to hate that word) sailor-inspired tote bag, thinking I could use it as my school bag. Well let's just say I didn't know what I was in for.

I ended up only using the bag for the first 3 days of school. You may ask, why is that? Well, nobody bothered to inform any of the poor little freshman girls that all the freshman lockers are nowhere near the educational classrooms. So basically the only time you can go to your locker is in the morning and lunch, if you have time. After I realized that carrying 4 binders and 3 textbooks around for 5 periods was a bad idea, I quickly did something about it. First I told my mom that I DESPERATELY needed a backpack. My mom, who is extremely frugal, told me to use my younger brother's old one. I really wanted a cool leather one or at least a jansport, but i ended up with a worn Nike sack of fabric with straps. After that I befriended a junior and she let me use her locker, which helped with the whole textbook issue. Also I only carry 2 binders instead of 4. But, I guess the moral of my story is carry a backpack, at least your freshman year. They're pretty darn convenient and carry a shitload more stuff than a tote bag.

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(there is currently a wasp in my house and I'm scared out of my effing mind.)


i make plans to break plans

I've been learning to crochet recently, and if I do say so myself, I'm pretty darn good for only have started on Friday. All I can make right now are bracelet/wrist cuff-type things. I'm working hardcore on a scarf, but I won't be done with that until NEXT winter. Let's just say I've got a a long way to go.

This is the one I'm wearing at this very moment. It's perfect!

This is the first one I made. It's pretty big on me , so I gave it to my dad.

we're breaking out this time

Don't ask why it's sideways.
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This is what I ended up with.

Last night I took a trip to Target with my mother. We headed straight back to the electronics section to look at cameras. If you recall, one of my first posts was about this whole camera situation. After five months of being camera-less, I finally got a Fujifilm 10MP digital camera. I haven't really taken any pictures with it yet. There's actually a very awkward story that goes along with the purchase of my camera. It involves a high school senior that goes to my school's rival, the ACT, and us being best friends?


I Wanna Be Where You Are

cardigan:old navy boots: macy's dress: unknown
Since today was a good friend of mine's birthday my friends and I made a pact to wear dresses. Only three of us did, that shows you how dedicated my friends are. Now that I look back at it, dresses probably weren't a great idea, since it's like 40 degrees outside and raining.