in my ears XVII

Run Run Run by Celeste Buckingham
Excellent vocals and very catchy song. I heard this in a Goodwill a few weeks back and shazamed in and the rest is history. It's my go to running song.

The Worst by Jhene Aiko
I used to not actually like her voice, and I'm still not a huge fan but her songs are so real and relatable. I feel like she's singing for all us independent yet co-dependent ladies out there.

I'm With It by Aer
Y'all know I've been in love with Aer for forever now. Their new album came out about a month ago and it's really impressive actually. This song was not my favorite initially but now it just gets me so hyped and I love it. I'm With It.

As Much As I Ever Could by City & Colour
This song is really old but someone posted this performance of it on tumblr and I fell in love with his voice. It reminds me of Bon Iver a little bit. And the lyrics are just perfect. 

Evidence by 2AM Club
Yet another band that I have been obsessed with for forever. I just want to see them perform live so bad. This song has really grown on me. 


party time.

Not sure how to dress for a party based on the temperature? Check out my handy guide!

30-40 Degrees* 
Layering is key when going out in almost too cold weather. A scarf and warm boots will really make or break your night. The below combo has personally worked for me.
*anything below 30 degrees is too cold to go out IMO

30-40 degrees

35-50 Degrees
At this point it's warm enough to be a little more adventurous with your outfit, but you still need layers and warm pieces such as a cardigan and a hat.

35-50 degreess

45-60 Degrees
You can pretty much wear whatever at this point, but I'd definitely recommend that you cover your limbs.

45-60 degrees

50-70 Degrees
If it's really warm outside, you might actually want to wear very little clothes. Packed parties are guaranteed to be hot and sweaty and heat stroke is not cute.

50-70 degrees


New Year Necessities

Going into 2014 there's definitely several items I need in my life. Maybe I'll use some christmas money towards some healthy retail therapy....Anyways below is a collage of all the items I would like to snag some time in the near future. I've also included explanations for each item and examples of them on real people. Enjoy!

2014 Wants

2014 Wants

1. White Blazer- The more I become obsessed with Scandal, the more I feel like I need to own white/cream everything. Gotta get my Olivia Pope on! (minus the sleeping with a married man part). Anyway, I could 100% see myself rocking this on my way to class in the spring. Examples: 1 2 3

2. Funky Oxfords- I have been wanting a pair of unique oxfords for SEVERAL seasons now and I can never seem to get my hands on a pair (or my feet in a pair, I should say). Hopefully I can pick up a pair soon. They'll be perfect for walking across campus once the snow melts. Examples: 1 2 3

3. Fun Lipstick colors- Recently I've been venturing into the world of makeup. Very slowly. In 2014 I want to start to experiment with color a little bit more. Something fun for a night out or for a presentation in class perhaps? Examples 1 2

4. Bralettes- I don't have huge boobs so I think I could probably get by with just a soft bralette. I think they'll look really nice under some of the softer shirts I own. And it will be nice to wear something a little less heavy duty than my normal underwire bras. 1 2 3

5. Druzy Statement Necklace- Another piece that I've been pining after for awhile now. 2014 will be the year I purchase one of these necklaces! They're absolutely gorgeous and one in a neutral color will instantly become a staple for me. I can't wait. 1 2

6. High Waisted Jeans- I'm a 90s baby at heart and I'm really loving how the styles are coming back. I've been watching movies from the decade like Love Jones and Poetic Justice and falling in love with the character's wardrobes. Particularly the high waisted jeans and crop tops. I'm hoping to have my very own pair soon. 1 2 3

7. Leggings- Oh leggings, the best garment for girls since...well ever! I dismiss anyone who tries to argue that leggings aren't pants. I usually do recommend wearing a longer top but if you've got a nice ass, show that bad boy off! Ain't no shame in your game honey. Obviously leggings are THE essential clothing item for college females. I honestly wear leggings probably 3x a week. I'd wear them everyday if I could. So in 2014 I'm going to invest in a few more pairs to add to the collection. 1 2 3

8. Fun Socks- Now this may come from me living in the dorms and wanting to have something protecting my feet at all times or maybe from my growing interest in mens fashion. Not sure but I've been obsessed with developing a cool sock collection and I really want to expand on what I already have in 2014. 1 2 3

9. Shirt Dresses- College really takes a toll on your energy level. This results in most students dressing like they literally just got out of bed (which is literally true in most cases). But as a fashion major I cannot simply toss on sweatpants and a hoodie. That would be unacceptable. So my solution is casual and easy shirt dresses that I can layer and accessorize. 1 2

10.  Cool Graphic T-Shirts- I honestly live in these already but in 2014 I'm just looking for ones that are a little more unique. I'm hoping to find some cool ones while thrifting. 1 2 3

11. And finally PLAID PANTS- I've very recently fallen in love with this look, not too sure why since I've never been big on plaid. But I really love the look of a nice plaid pant with a neutral top and some cool boots. It's just perfect and a wonderful statement piece going into the new year. 1 2 3


Netflix: God's gift to bored college students

So if you're a normal procrastinating college student like myself, you probably faithfully use Netflix. I've had a subscription for awhile now and I absolutely cannot live without it. Gotta have my shows. Winter break is the perfect time to start watching Netflix because you don't have anything much better to do. In this post I'm going to recommend a few of my favorite series that I have either completed or am currently watching.

Supernatural starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins
THIS SHOW. There's actually a funny story behind how I first started watching this show. I have a friend who is literally obsessed with Supernatural and has been for awhile now. She's also into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, etc. So my other friends and I always kind of made fun of her for it. Fast forward to about two months ago; I had always seen posts about the show on tumblr and of course I thought Jensen and Jared were attractive so I thought why not? I GOT SUCKED IN GUYS. The characters on the show, you feel emotionally attached to them. And you always want to try to figure out the mystery before they do. But it really never happens. I am on season 5 now and the show is more plot based but I'm still hooked. And I've got a long way to go. 
FOR FANS OF: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel aka Mysterious Supernatural Dramas/Thrillers

Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, and Nick Offerman
I started watching this show over the summer I believe. It's really quirky and smart funny. The newest season is currently airing and I haven't had the chance to catch up. But I'd definitely recommend. All-Star cast, wonderful show. 
FOR FANS OF: The Office, Community, aka Workplace Comedies

Scandal starring Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry and Bellamy Young
Where do I even begin? This show will have you feeling emotions that you didn't even know you could feel. This show will have you literally on the floor in shock. If you don't watch this show already, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? I haven't met someone who did not like this show once they gave it a genuine chance. I believe the first two seasons are on Netflix. If not the 2nd is definitely on Hulu Plus. And you may be able to catch some of the current season on ABC's website. 
FOR FANS OF: The West Wing, Revenge aka Sexy Political Thrillers

Weeds starring Mary Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish and Justin Kirk
I actually started watching this show when I was probably like 12 which was highly inappropriate but that's life. All the seasons are on netflix so you don't have to worry about searching anywhere else. But this show is really fantastic for real. You watch the characters grow and journey through life. Literally everything happens to them but in the end it works out. 
FOR FANS OF: Shameless, Orange is the New Black aka Criminal Dramadies

Hopefully you'll find a new favorite from my recommendations. Enjoy your winter break!


in my ears part XVI

3005 x Childish Gambino
I freaking love this song. And I am so excited for his album.

Motel Pool x Travis Garland
I actually discovered this song while watching a performance of this guy dancing live. The dance was fantastic. And I fell in love with the song and Travis' music in general. He is so beautiful and his music is sensual and fun and wonderful. 

Do What U What x Lady Gaga ft R. Kelly
I am actually really liking Gaga's new music. I've never been a huge fan but this is my jammmm.

Flaws x Bastille
Dan's voice is flawless. Period.

School x Calvin Harris
This song is the perfect walking to class song. It's upbeat but still chill. Loooove it.

Heart Beats x Johnnyswim
I literally just discovered them but I really love their voices. So haunting yet soulful.

Bones x Lewis Watson
He's like a young Ed Sheeran, even though they're almost the same age haha. This song is so freaking cute and simple and wonderful.