in my ears part XVI

3005 x Childish Gambino
I freaking love this song. And I am so excited for his album.

Motel Pool x Travis Garland
I actually discovered this song while watching a performance of this guy dancing live. The dance was fantastic. And I fell in love with the song and Travis' music in general. He is so beautiful and his music is sensual and fun and wonderful. 

Do What U What x Lady Gaga ft R. Kelly
I am actually really liking Gaga's new music. I've never been a huge fan but this is my jammmm.

Flaws x Bastille
Dan's voice is flawless. Period.

School x Calvin Harris
This song is the perfect walking to class song. It's upbeat but still chill. Loooove it.

Heart Beats x Johnnyswim
I literally just discovered them but I really love their voices. So haunting yet soulful.

Bones x Lewis Watson
He's like a young Ed Sheeran, even though they're almost the same age haha. This song is so freaking cute and simple and wonderful.

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