easy come, easy go.

these will be my last shitty pictures hopefully. I just got my new micro 4/3 camera, the first olympus pen lite. I'm hella excited and the battery is charging as I type. So see you soon!


in my ears part XII

unaware by allen stone

sweater weather by the neighbourhood

thrift shop ft. wanz by macklemore and ryan lewis

the morning by the weeknd

locked out of heaven by bruno mars

first choice by gabe bondoc

mission by robin thicke


two terms.

Fuck yeah we did. That is all. 


like the way

so it's cold. and my tree lost all its leaves.. 


neon cathedral

hola!  this is just going to be my fall/winter fashion essentials post. the first video is a lookbook of sorts. The second gets into more detail about each item. and the third image is just a collage of some of the items. enjoy!

fall trends


got $20 in my pocket...

I need a new camera.....


i was a lonely soul, but that's the old me

shorts-thrifted calvin's
shoes-thrifted keds


in my ears part once

shiver shiver by walk the moon
I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this song. And this band, OHMYLORD. You can't help but to bump your head to this song, it's amazing. 
For fans of vampire weekend, foster the people, young the giant.

super rich kids by frank ocean
let's be real..."coming out" was one of the best things that happened to frank ocean's career. it made him  more relevant, so more people checked out his album and ended up loving it....but anyways, this song is hella dope. Another head bobber.
For fans of the weeknd, odd future, kanye west

wasted years by maroon 5
So i'm not a huge fan of the direction that maroon 5's music has gone in the past few years, so when i discovered that this song was originally supposed to be on Songs About Jane (their first album) I about died. Definitely sounds like something that would be on their old album. And I love it. 
For fans of onerepbulic, justin timberlake

pull my heart away by jack penate
This song is a few years old, but I just discovered it via pandora about a month ago. his music is so tropical and lovely.it's perfect.
For fans of the macabees, friendly fires

multi-millionaire by penguin prison
Ahh, my favorite song by him. It's so, I don't even know how to describe it. His voice is so interestingly good. love love love. 
For fans of monarchy, holy ghost!, capital cities

  chasing echoes by the lonely biscuits
oh gosh every time I listen to this song I fall deeper and deeper in love with john p's voice. he sounds like an american version of james morrison. and gravy is very analytical, which is refreshing. very chill music. excellent and original. 
For fans of cris cab, aer

fixin' by walk the moon
once again a FABULOUS song by the AMAZING walk the moon. this is slowly becoming my favorite song by them. this one is more of a knee shaker. and the lyrics, oh man. the instrumentation alone is incredible. this song is my heart and soul.

where i sleep by emeli sande
I think she was a vh1 you oughta know artist? I don't know I saw her video "next to me" and I kind of liked it so I did a quick listen to her album and lovvvvved this song. it's so simple yet powerful. her voice is perfection in this song.
For fans of v.v. brown, rebecca ferguson, leona lewis

floats my boar by aer
This song is...well it is what it is. It's about chillin, being laid back, and not taking shit too seriously. It's a summer anthem. And it doesn't hurt that carter is completely precious. 
For fans of mac miller, chiddy bang, timeflies

  warrior by kimbra, mark foster, a-trak
You all know how much I love foster the people, so when I saw that kimbra (another artist I adore) and mark foster did a collaboration, I was like "whaaatt?!?!?" also I saw the video and I was like "whaat?" but it's a pretty cool song.
For fans of kimbra, a-trak, foster the people

  the pocket by andy grammer
his music is so sweet and precious. It makes you feel good inside. the lyrics are wonderful and catchy, what's not to love?
For fans of ben rector, eric hutchinson, parachute

why am I the one? by fun.
if you don't know their song "we are young" clearly you are NOT from this planet. I remember watching their video for "all the pretty girls" a couple years back every morning on mtvU. And I remember back when I first heard we are you in 2011. why the continue to play this song well into 2012, i am not sure. but anyway, why am I the one definitely showcases their new sound, which is a little less quirky than their old album. but the lead singer nate's voice is still quirky and cute so don't worry. 
For fans of the format, young the giant, neon trees

bitter moon by zulu winter
reminds me of young the giant but british, and with a little more atmosphere. if that makes sense. a hazier version, i guess. definitely and up and coming band, indie tribal pop is going to be big.
For fans of funeral suits, walk the moon

that sunset by the lonely biscuits
such a chill summery song. lots of visuals going on here. john's voice sounds lovely as always and gravy is killing it. so chill, so perfect.

light up tonight by alex boyd
this song actually came out last august. and he was supposed to come out with an album. where that album is now, i don't know. but this is an excellent song. nothing like a little blue eyed soul to brighten your day. 
For fans of robin thicke, justin timberlake


it's not a homeless life for me

flip flops-old navy
sunnies-five below

anyone else going to see ED SHEERAN this fall? I'm seeing him in September and I'm ecstatic!


you make me happy, this you can bet

top: thrifted ralph lauren
shorts: thrifted
sandals:urban outfitters
sunglasses: urban outfitters

Real life pictures ! For the first time in months....! I've been a horrific blog author for the past three months. I've been doing a lot of shopping the past couple weeks, so I guess that kind of inspired me tot blog. More to come, I promise!


filmed this on my iphone. enjoy.


everyone wants to be a hero.

dress: urban outfitters
belt: thrifted
necklace: icing
tights: target


in my ears part diez

soooo, I haven't posted anything in a VERY LONG time. Mostly because I don't have a ton of time to sit down and write a quality post and partly because I'm too lazy be inspired. So yeah. This isn't going to be much of a post either. just more music!

All Time Low by The Wanted
I really love these guys, I pretty much fan girl over them sooo...But this is a really good song if you're into their kind of music.

Over You by Graffiti6
Oh man, I love this song. And his voice. And his face. Nuff said.

Wanna Dance With Somebody by Allstar Weekend
So I've been obsessed with them for the past month, and I'm sorry but this song just makes me really happy whenever I listen to it. And it's a nice homage to the late Whitney Houston (RIP)

Gimme A Kiss by Madi Diaz
I actually discovered this song on Amazon's free downloads (which is sometimes an excellent source of good music, so I HIGHLY suggest you check it out). But anyways, this song is so cute and peppy and wonderful.

I love Ed Sheeran so much, he is such a good lyricist, it's ridiculous. (see what I did there?) This song, and basically every song of his, touches my heart. His talent is beyond belief.


until the break of dawn

So, as some of you may know prom is coming up in a few months. I'm not positive I'm going or not...I don't have a date or a dress :/ But I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at dresses online. Tell me which are your favorite in the comments!


February Wishlist (just for inspiration)winter/spring wishlist

Chiffon dress
$55 - shopruche.com

Au Jour Le Jour corset shirt
£157 - farfetch.com

Carven cotton biker jacket
$695 - mytheresa.com

Free people
$68 - freepeople.com

Current/Elliott skinny fit jeans
$198 - barneys.com

Red velvet legging
$22 - romwe.com

$24 - tobi.com

Lace stocking
$7.99 - tillys.com

Glitter shoes
$60 - witchery.com.au

ASOS leather oxford
$31 - asos.com

ALDO logo bag
$72 - asos.com

Duffy knit beanie hat
$95 - net-a-porter.com

John Lewis brown belt
£25 - johnlewis.com