reck it all

Lately I've been really into trends from the '90s. Being born during that time, that decade will always be special to me.

Clueless 1995

CK One Ads

Fresh Prince of Bel Air 

Saved By the Bell

My So Called Life

all image via google images


get some goodness

I don't have really anything to post about right now but, I'm hungry so........

this has made me SO hungry, lol, hope you enjoyed.

all images via tumblr.

i take no credit for them.


name change

I just changed the name of the blog to "In Time and In Mind". I felt like the URL should match the name of the blog. k thanks (:

the worst things in life come free to us

winter 2012 lookbook


on the right side of the wrong bed.

took  these awhile back. kind of blurry.