in my ears part cuatro

Heartless by Justin Nozuka

Can You Tell? by Ra Ra Riot

Tightrope by Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi

White Sky by Vampire Weekend

That Tree by Snoop Dogg ft. Kid Cudi

Brian Eno by MGMT

close your eyes and listen to the moonlight melody,


F21 shoes necklace and skirt
old navy tank
claire's earrings

So I haven't posted in 16,856,984,268,431 years. That's sixteen trillion, eight hundred and fifty-six billion, nine hundred and eighty-four million, two hundred and sixty-eight thousand, four hundred and thirty-one years. Dang...

Anyway. I've been bumming it lately, and i haven't had much inspiration. Time is going by wayyyy too quickly. As of today I only have 27 days left as a high school freshman. Which is bittersweet I guess. But enough rambling about my unimportant life. How have you guys been? I need to check my formspring, now that I think about it. So i'm going to post some links right now at this very moment.


they're what's up, if you didnt know.

listening to my heart is yours by justin nozuka

bye :)


my bed's too big for just me,

h&m sweater dress
silver striped tights
mother's belt

Great book ^.


lars and the real girl.

This movie was decent and heartfelt. I guess at first I didn't really understand it, and once I did, I don't know what I thought. I love Ryan Gosling though.

whether you're high or low.

some quite old editorials that were saved to my computer...

all via FGR


farewell until you know me well.

gap sweater
F21 skirt
F21 lace shorts

i've decided to post some of my boredem photography on flickr. link soon.



here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten,

charlotte russe blazer
crop top ?
self made skirt
jcpenney tights

Yea, so my outfit today is a bit 80s Madonna, but that's what fashion's all about, trying new things ! Right?

in non-fashion related news....

Look at this beautiful tree that's in my front yard !
I managed to take a picture of it before the flowers turn to leaves. Don't ask me how that works.

listening to horchata by vampire weekend

isnt the drummer from VW adorable in a paul bunyan kind of way?

images via fuckyeahchristomson and google


the truman show.

Interesting concept for a movie. A tv series based around one guy's life since birth, and he's the only one not in on it. It was nice, I guess. I think there's a deeper meaning behind this movie, but I'm too young and ignorant to try to figure it out.

"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented." - Christoff


buried deep under the water...

brothers t-shirt
thrifted skirt

listening to moth's wings by passion pit.

Yay, spring break.


the girl is hard to get, but you can win her yet.

urban renewal tunic
black tights
F21 cardigan
Doesn't my brother look sharp in his Michael Kors suit ?