New Year Necessities

Going into 2014 there's definitely several items I need in my life. Maybe I'll use some christmas money towards some healthy retail therapy....Anyways below is a collage of all the items I would like to snag some time in the near future. I've also included explanations for each item and examples of them on real people. Enjoy!

2014 Wants

2014 Wants

1. White Blazer- The more I become obsessed with Scandal, the more I feel like I need to own white/cream everything. Gotta get my Olivia Pope on! (minus the sleeping with a married man part). Anyway, I could 100% see myself rocking this on my way to class in the spring. Examples: 1 2 3

2. Funky Oxfords- I have been wanting a pair of unique oxfords for SEVERAL seasons now and I can never seem to get my hands on a pair (or my feet in a pair, I should say). Hopefully I can pick up a pair soon. They'll be perfect for walking across campus once the snow melts. Examples: 1 2 3

3. Fun Lipstick colors- Recently I've been venturing into the world of makeup. Very slowly. In 2014 I want to start to experiment with color a little bit more. Something fun for a night out or for a presentation in class perhaps? Examples 1 2

4. Bralettes- I don't have huge boobs so I think I could probably get by with just a soft bralette. I think they'll look really nice under some of the softer shirts I own. And it will be nice to wear something a little less heavy duty than my normal underwire bras. 1 2 3

5. Druzy Statement Necklace- Another piece that I've been pining after for awhile now. 2014 will be the year I purchase one of these necklaces! They're absolutely gorgeous and one in a neutral color will instantly become a staple for me. I can't wait. 1 2

6. High Waisted Jeans- I'm a 90s baby at heart and I'm really loving how the styles are coming back. I've been watching movies from the decade like Love Jones and Poetic Justice and falling in love with the character's wardrobes. Particularly the high waisted jeans and crop tops. I'm hoping to have my very own pair soon. 1 2 3

7. Leggings- Oh leggings, the best garment for girls since...well ever! I dismiss anyone who tries to argue that leggings aren't pants. I usually do recommend wearing a longer top but if you've got a nice ass, show that bad boy off! Ain't no shame in your game honey. Obviously leggings are THE essential clothing item for college females. I honestly wear leggings probably 3x a week. I'd wear them everyday if I could. So in 2014 I'm going to invest in a few more pairs to add to the collection. 1 2 3

8. Fun Socks- Now this may come from me living in the dorms and wanting to have something protecting my feet at all times or maybe from my growing interest in mens fashion. Not sure but I've been obsessed with developing a cool sock collection and I really want to expand on what I already have in 2014. 1 2 3

9. Shirt Dresses- College really takes a toll on your energy level. This results in most students dressing like they literally just got out of bed (which is literally true in most cases). But as a fashion major I cannot simply toss on sweatpants and a hoodie. That would be unacceptable. So my solution is casual and easy shirt dresses that I can layer and accessorize. 1 2

10.  Cool Graphic T-Shirts- I honestly live in these already but in 2014 I'm just looking for ones that are a little more unique. I'm hoping to find some cool ones while thrifting. 1 2 3

11. And finally PLAID PANTS- I've very recently fallen in love with this look, not too sure why since I've never been big on plaid. But I really love the look of a nice plaid pant with a neutral top and some cool boots. It's just perfect and a wonderful statement piece going into the new year. 1 2 3


Netflix: God's gift to bored college students

So if you're a normal procrastinating college student like myself, you probably faithfully use Netflix. I've had a subscription for awhile now and I absolutely cannot live without it. Gotta have my shows. Winter break is the perfect time to start watching Netflix because you don't have anything much better to do. In this post I'm going to recommend a few of my favorite series that I have either completed or am currently watching.

Supernatural starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins
THIS SHOW. There's actually a funny story behind how I first started watching this show. I have a friend who is literally obsessed with Supernatural and has been for awhile now. She's also into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, etc. So my other friends and I always kind of made fun of her for it. Fast forward to about two months ago; I had always seen posts about the show on tumblr and of course I thought Jensen and Jared were attractive so I thought why not? I GOT SUCKED IN GUYS. The characters on the show, you feel emotionally attached to them. And you always want to try to figure out the mystery before they do. But it really never happens. I am on season 5 now and the show is more plot based but I'm still hooked. And I've got a long way to go. 
FOR FANS OF: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel aka Mysterious Supernatural Dramas/Thrillers

Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, and Nick Offerman
I started watching this show over the summer I believe. It's really quirky and smart funny. The newest season is currently airing and I haven't had the chance to catch up. But I'd definitely recommend. All-Star cast, wonderful show. 
FOR FANS OF: The Office, Community, aka Workplace Comedies

Scandal starring Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry and Bellamy Young
Where do I even begin? This show will have you feeling emotions that you didn't even know you could feel. This show will have you literally on the floor in shock. If you don't watch this show already, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? I haven't met someone who did not like this show once they gave it a genuine chance. I believe the first two seasons are on Netflix. If not the 2nd is definitely on Hulu Plus. And you may be able to catch some of the current season on ABC's website. 
FOR FANS OF: The West Wing, Revenge aka Sexy Political Thrillers

Weeds starring Mary Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish and Justin Kirk
I actually started watching this show when I was probably like 12 which was highly inappropriate but that's life. All the seasons are on netflix so you don't have to worry about searching anywhere else. But this show is really fantastic for real. You watch the characters grow and journey through life. Literally everything happens to them but in the end it works out. 
FOR FANS OF: Shameless, Orange is the New Black aka Criminal Dramadies

Hopefully you'll find a new favorite from my recommendations. Enjoy your winter break!


in my ears part XVI

3005 x Childish Gambino
I freaking love this song. And I am so excited for his album.

Motel Pool x Travis Garland
I actually discovered this song while watching a performance of this guy dancing live. The dance was fantastic. And I fell in love with the song and Travis' music in general. He is so beautiful and his music is sensual and fun and wonderful. 

Do What U What x Lady Gaga ft R. Kelly
I am actually really liking Gaga's new music. I've never been a huge fan but this is my jammmm.

Flaws x Bastille
Dan's voice is flawless. Period.

School x Calvin Harris
This song is the perfect walking to class song. It's upbeat but still chill. Loooove it.

Heart Beats x Johnnyswim
I literally just discovered them but I really love their voices. So haunting yet soulful.

Bones x Lewis Watson
He's like a young Ed Sheeran, even though they're almost the same age haha. This song is so freaking cute and simple and wonderful.


for better or worse, I still will choose you first

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This outfit is actually from a couple days ago. But nonetheless, remember that Thanksgiving is being around people you love, whether that's friends or family, and being grateful for them. Have an excellent one, and may the odds be in your favor on black friday.


winter campus trends

winter trends
Winter is in full swing here at Kent and most of us are dressing appropriately. Having such a large fashion student population, I've witnessed some pretty creative takes on dressing warm. I've also noticed a few consistent trends. The first being the Hiker boot. The classic Timberland boots has regained popularity, and has inspired different brands to produce their own hiking styles. Another trend that is the cutout shoulder sweater, which is a little counterproductive. But cool nonetheless. Military-style parkas are going strong still. Finally I've noticed more skater skirts in cold weather materials such as leather and wool. 


Stuff I Wish I Knew Before I Got To College/University

Hey guys!

I've been in school for about a month and half now and I am nowhere near an expert. I am definitely still trying to figure things out. But the following list just are a few things that I've noticed and some of my fellow pupils have noticed. To those of you who are starting next fall, let this serve as a guide.

1. If at all possible, visit the residence hall and the room that you will be staying in. The descriptions online are not always accurate and you don't want to be surprised on move in day like I was. And to so you don't  buy things you don't need, you can see what furniture actually comes with the room. Also I packed lightly clothes wise and it turned out that I had soooo much more room than I originally thought and I was really irritated by my limited options the first few weeks.  So make sure you check out closet/dresser/shelf space.

2. When people say that college is expensive, that is an understatement. Not only are you paying thousands of dollars for tuition/room and board, but textbooks and random other things that you need for class is expensive too! I had to buy a $50 device for one of my lecture which is basically an attendance tracker. It's ridiculous. So if you are able to, work a ton the summer before you leave, that way you can actually have some spending money to your name.

3. This next one depends on the location of your school, but if you go to a suburban school like myself, transportation is lightweight a struggle. There will be cool clubs/parties/events that will be close enough for you to here about but too far to walk. And if you don't have a car or know somebody with one your out of luck. And it really does suck. And generally parking passes for freshmen suck as well. But if you have to extra money I would go ahead and go for it.

4. This is probably the toughest realization of college but it is so real. You're not going to enter college and meet your bffls the first week. Heck even the first month. I have yet to find a solid group of friends here like the ones I had back home and it sucks. But a friend from back home put it into perspective: How long did it take to form the bonds you had with your high school friends? 2-3 years at least. So give college a chance. Give people a chance and hopefully everything will be alright looking back.

5. IF YOU ARE NOT ORGANIZED YOU WILL FAIL. You have to keep up with deadlines. If you can't keep up then you're gonna fail. period.

6. Roommates are another thing that depends. Sometimes if you room with someone you already know, it's best because you can trust them. But it can be bad at the same time, because you may get tired of each other rather than having a random where you just met and you can enjoy each other's company. So I would recommend you use your best judgement on that one.

7. If you're going to school somewhere warm or that has hot summers I would HIGHLY recommend getting a room with air conditioning. I have friends that stay in non-air conditioned dorms and that first month was horrible for them. There is a catch however. I've noticed that my friends are really cool with the people in their hall because they all hang out in the first floor air conditioned lounges the first month. In my hall however, we don't really know each other and no one hangs out in the lounge because there isn't much down there and we have can control the temperature in our rooms. So again I would use your best judgement on that one. If you're a social person regardless of environment I would recommend you get a air conditioned dorm and vice versa.

8. Go to campus events. Period. They're great bonding experiences for friends you already have and you can potentially meet new friends. And sometimes it's better than sitting in your room watching Netflix eating Oreos. Sometimes.

9. REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE HERE. Going to a somewhat party school, I've already seen some people get caught up in the "college experience" and have had to leave or are failing. Remember that school is the priority not Thirsty Thursdays.

10. My final advice is to be open to new experiences and be brave. I know this is very hard for some of us including myself. But honestly sometimes you have nothing left to lose. Just go for it.

what's in my backpack?

Backpack: Mi Pac from Tillys 

Clockwise from the top: Pencil case, folder, notebook, headphones, planner, emergency pouch, thought journal, keys, lanyard, wallet, umbrella, tissues.


in my ears part XV

Flirt (Acoustic) by Zak Waters
His voice is so lovely and his songs are very sexual but I don't mind ;)

Every High Has A Comedown by Anarbor
I've actually been listening to this song for awhile now and I'm just now warming up to it. I've loved Anarbor for forever and Slade's voice on their acoustic tracks is just so rough and raw and amazing.

Go Stupid 4 U by Robin Thicke
I know that his new album has gotten a lot of criticism for promoting rape culture. And being a budding feminist I do have a problem with that. But the songs are so catchy, I can't help it.

Anything At All (Acoustic) by Air Dubai
THIS SONG! THIS BAND! They are incredible!! And the rapper is so freaking cute. Their songs are such a phenomenal blend of rap and pop and rock and and r&b and electronic it's fantastic. This acoustic version is so great man. 

All Day by Air Dubai
Again more Air Dubai. This is my favorite song by them. It's so chill and cool and just perfect. 


This is the way I live

Dorm Tour in Photos

This is my desk. The first level has my calendar, my first semester schedule, my jewelry box with a mirror, tissues, a desk organizer, two mason jars (one with jewels and a fabric flower and another with coins), my lamp and iHome. The second level has my box of nail polish, sunglasses, a floral container for my cotton balls, a set of drawers for my hair ties and clips and medicine, make up bag and emergency togo bag, and candy bowl. The top level has paper towels, lysol wipes, air freshener, a fabric box full of toiletries, and bath and body works loveliness.

This is my bed area, excuse the wrinkles. 

This is what my room looks like when you first walk in .

This is underneath my bed, there's two storage bins and then my storage ottoman.

This is behind my bed, I have my laundry bag and my bookbag.

This is my wall, I want to add some more stuff. The poster has all of my favorite artists on it.


Cause we like to party ay ay

First College Party Experience
Hey guys! So this past Saturday I went to my first college party experience. I was interesting to say the least haha. I go to a school that is pretty much known for it's parties so everyone goes out all the time. I went out Friday night as well but the group I was with was unsuccessful with actually going into a party. So last night I went with a group of about 8 girls and we walked down a couple of the streets of campus. People were everywhere and there were a lot of parties, but us being inexperienced freshmen, we did not know how to approach them. The first house we went into was disturbing. There were a couple guys and some girls who were being straight up nasty so we immediately left. Then we walked around for about another hour and finally found one that seemed good. This one had a wannabe bouncer outside who said that if guys wanted to come in they had to have a girl with them. So this random kid asked me to go in with him and I said sure. So we got in and went upstairs. It was insane. The place was packed and hot and the music was so loud.  But it was great. I danced with a few guys, and after about 45 minutes we left and headed back to campus. So based off of last night I have a couple tips for you all (keep in mind that I've only been out twice so I am in no way an expert)

-Go with a group of no more than 6. Our group last night was fun but it was hard for us to stay together and not all of us even got into the party.

-Wear appropriate clothing. I honestly didn't think we were even going to get into a party so I just wore the shorts, tank and cardigan that I had worn that day. I go to school up north so it gets pretty cold at night. I'd definitely recommend leggings as a solution to that dilemma.

-If something seems sketchy, don't feel pressured to stay. Period.

-You already know the classic "watch your drink, don't take drinks from others"

-HAVE FUN! You'll never have moments like these ever again. Enjoy just being out and alive.



Hey guys!

So I moved in this past monday and this week has been crazy hectic! Once my schedule starts to level out I'll make sure to do a dorm tour post. Thanks!



Fall Fashion Pickups

fall essentials

fall essentials

Fall is a pretty cool time of the year at least for those of us in school still. It's like new years without it actually being a new calendar year. A fresh start, a second chance, the list of cliches could go on and on. My favorite part of fall is acquiring a new wardrobe. The above collage showcases some of the items on my personal wishlist. Cutout boots are huge for fall and I cannot wait until I get a pair. Beanies, a functional backpack and a watch are fabulous pickups for college students. If you are going to school somewhere cold like moi, a thick coat is a necessity. I'm considering investing in a parka/anorak style.  

Dorm/College Haul Part One


Dorm Room Inspiration

Hey guys! I know for the past year I've been completely MIA and barely posting. I've decided to revamp my blog as a college lifestyle/fashion blog instead of a fashion/culture blog. I will be starting school in less than 2 weeks so I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life. I hope you all will stick around for the ride. 

Below are some dorms that I've pinned over the summer as inspiration for my dorm. If you're starting college soon maybe these pictures will inspire you as well!


in my ears part XIV

 Latch (Discloure) Acoustic by Sam Smith
I honestly have no words for how incredible this song is. His voice is the most magically perfect voice I have ever heard. I've played this song for many people and they are all blown away by his talent. If you like this, check out his song Lay Me Down. It's out of this world.

Everlasting Arms by Vampire Weekend
Okay, I used to be obsessed with VW but they took so long to come out with a third album and my musical ADD took over and I kind of forgot about them. Their album came out in May and I just started listening to it last month. It's actually pretty good. This is my favorite song off of it as of now.

Tom Ford by Jay-Z
Of course I had to have a little MCHG on here. This song is perfect driving music. Or at least for me.

He Won't Go by Adele
I don't know man, one day I randomly started listening to Adele and I happened upon this song and the rest is history. 

This Disorder by The Features
I heard this song on the radio a couple weeks ago and fell in love. It's kind of simple but with some really cool quirks. 

Sweet Love (Anita Baker Cover) by Beyonce
I was watching the Beyonce I Am World Tour and fell in love with her version of this song. I wish they had it available on mp3.


hold me in your everlasting armsss

bored, got some new clothes yesterday so I decided to play dress up. Enjoy :)


let the grove get in.

Today was my final day in National Honor Society. I remember last year when I thought this ceremony was a huge deal and I was excited. Now I couldn't be happier that it is over with and I don't have to worry about early morning meetings or volunteer hours. 


until the morning sun rises...

hey guys. long time no see :)


in my ears part XIII

so it's been quite some time since I last blogged. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses, all I know is that I'm here now and I have some wonderful music to recommend.

Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko

Lost at Sea by Zedd featuring Ryan Tedder
The only reason I initially listened to this song was that I kind of like the song Clarity and I LOVE Ryan Tedder. And I'm am so glad I gave it a chance. This song is so catchy and wonderful. And I just love everything about it. It's my favorite song to sing in the shower and while driving.

The Other Way by Rainy Milo
I stumbled across her music on a tumblr blog, which had a link to her FREE EP. I listened to her song Bout You and fell in love. She reminds me (and I hate to say this because Lauryn Hill is a LEGEND) of a young, British, 2013 Lauryn Hill. Her voice is shockingly good and her lyrics are really relatable considering I am a teenage girl, just like her. I'm pretty sure she's 16 or 17 sooo. So good though, so good. 

White Picket Castle by Theo Katzman
This song is actually kind of old, but it is brillant nonetheless. Please do yourself a favor and listen to his album Romance Without Finance. It's too good. Anyways, I don't know there's something about this song that really resonantes with me. I think the part where he says "there are some who will always let you down, there are some who will chain your feet to the ground" is just so relevant in my life these days. 

Morgan's Bay by Goldroom
I honestly don't even know how I discovered this song, but it's really chill and great. I love the last minute. This song reminds me of summer and riding around with the windows down because I do not have air conditioning haha. 

Not Tonight by Elle Varner
Where do I even start with this song? Listening to it brings tears to my eyes. There is so much raw emotion in her lyrics and voice, it kills me. Not to mention it's my life story, like damn. This song has honestly become one of my favorite songs of all time in the past few months. It helped me rediscover my love for soulful music and I cannot thank Miss Varner enough for what her music does to me. It's beautiful. Simply beautiful. 

Patience by Dave Moisan
Dave Moisan is probably the most precious human being on this here Earth, and his music is equally adorable. And the boy can saaaannng. So much soul and talent. It's wonderful.

Pussy is Mine by Miguel
Okay, I know this song is really vulgar and gross, but it's actually really good. It's so low key and the lyrics are amazing most of the time. And his beautiful voice is showcased here. Trust me, give it a chance.