Fall Fashion Pickups

fall essentials

fall essentials

Fall is a pretty cool time of the year at least for those of us in school still. It's like new years without it actually being a new calendar year. A fresh start, a second chance, the list of cliches could go on and on. My favorite part of fall is acquiring a new wardrobe. The above collage showcases some of the items on my personal wishlist. Cutout boots are huge for fall and I cannot wait until I get a pair. Beanies, a functional backpack and a watch are fabulous pickups for college students. If you are going to school somewhere cold like moi, a thick coat is a necessity. I'm considering investing in a parka/anorak style.  


  1. Parka & bagpack tops my fall wish list right now.
    Loved your blog , followed you via GFC hope you follow back . Continue the good work.


  2. Very cool items!! Love this shoes!!
    Your blog is very cute! Follow you with GFC!
    I'll be happy, if you follow me) <3


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