in my ears part XV

Flirt (Acoustic) by Zak Waters
His voice is so lovely and his songs are very sexual but I don't mind ;)

Every High Has A Comedown by Anarbor
I've actually been listening to this song for awhile now and I'm just now warming up to it. I've loved Anarbor for forever and Slade's voice on their acoustic tracks is just so rough and raw and amazing.

Go Stupid 4 U by Robin Thicke
I know that his new album has gotten a lot of criticism for promoting rape culture. And being a budding feminist I do have a problem with that. But the songs are so catchy, I can't help it.

Anything At All (Acoustic) by Air Dubai
THIS SONG! THIS BAND! They are incredible!! And the rapper is so freaking cute. Their songs are such a phenomenal blend of rap and pop and rock and and r&b and electronic it's fantastic. This acoustic version is so great man. 

All Day by Air Dubai
Again more Air Dubai. This is my favorite song by them. It's so chill and cool and just perfect.