in my ears part XIII

so it's been quite some time since I last blogged. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses, all I know is that I'm here now and I have some wonderful music to recommend.

Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko

Lost at Sea by Zedd featuring Ryan Tedder
The only reason I initially listened to this song was that I kind of like the song Clarity and I LOVE Ryan Tedder. And I'm am so glad I gave it a chance. This song is so catchy and wonderful. And I just love everything about it. It's my favorite song to sing in the shower and while driving.

The Other Way by Rainy Milo
I stumbled across her music on a tumblr blog, which had a link to her FREE EP. I listened to her song Bout You and fell in love. She reminds me (and I hate to say this because Lauryn Hill is a LEGEND) of a young, British, 2013 Lauryn Hill. Her voice is shockingly good and her lyrics are really relatable considering I am a teenage girl, just like her. I'm pretty sure she's 16 or 17 sooo. So good though, so good. 

White Picket Castle by Theo Katzman
This song is actually kind of old, but it is brillant nonetheless. Please do yourself a favor and listen to his album Romance Without Finance. It's too good. Anyways, I don't know there's something about this song that really resonantes with me. I think the part where he says "there are some who will always let you down, there are some who will chain your feet to the ground" is just so relevant in my life these days. 

Morgan's Bay by Goldroom
I honestly don't even know how I discovered this song, but it's really chill and great. I love the last minute. This song reminds me of summer and riding around with the windows down because I do not have air conditioning haha. 

Not Tonight by Elle Varner
Where do I even start with this song? Listening to it brings tears to my eyes. There is so much raw emotion in her lyrics and voice, it kills me. Not to mention it's my life story, like damn. This song has honestly become one of my favorite songs of all time in the past few months. It helped me rediscover my love for soulful music and I cannot thank Miss Varner enough for what her music does to me. It's beautiful. Simply beautiful. 

Patience by Dave Moisan
Dave Moisan is probably the most precious human being on this here Earth, and his music is equally adorable. And the boy can saaaannng. So much soul and talent. It's wonderful.

Pussy is Mine by Miguel
Okay, I know this song is really vulgar and gross, but it's actually really good. It's so low key and the lyrics are amazing most of the time. And his beautiful voice is showcased here. Trust me, give it a chance.