in my ears part XIV

 Latch (Discloure) Acoustic by Sam Smith
I honestly have no words for how incredible this song is. His voice is the most magically perfect voice I have ever heard. I've played this song for many people and they are all blown away by his talent. If you like this, check out his song Lay Me Down. It's out of this world.

Everlasting Arms by Vampire Weekend
Okay, I used to be obsessed with VW but they took so long to come out with a third album and my musical ADD took over and I kind of forgot about them. Their album came out in May and I just started listening to it last month. It's actually pretty good. This is my favorite song off of it as of now.

Tom Ford by Jay-Z
Of course I had to have a little MCHG on here. This song is perfect driving music. Or at least for me.

He Won't Go by Adele
I don't know man, one day I randomly started listening to Adele and I happened upon this song and the rest is history. 

This Disorder by The Features
I heard this song on the radio a couple weeks ago and fell in love. It's kind of simple but with some really cool quirks. 

Sweet Love (Anita Baker Cover) by Beyonce
I was watching the Beyonce I Am World Tour and fell in love with her version of this song. I wish they had it available on mp3.


hold me in your everlasting armsss

bored, got some new clothes yesterday so I decided to play dress up. Enjoy :)