let's get right.



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i get lost in the beauty, of everything i see.

oscar de la renta pre-fall 2011

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these pictures are unedited because i'm lazy...hope you all are having a good month/year/life...


i have not posted in so long...

blogger is being retarded, so these pictures are upside down.



excellent films.

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Kelly Moreira

Jessica Clarke

Mariana Santana

Lizzy Burden

Danijela Dimitrovska

I want to be them.

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gonna find you and make you want me.

So this isn't really a post, more of an update....

Just recieved these nail polishes from the very lovely Bruna of Pants and Pictures!
If you haven't visited her blog, you really should :)

Anyways, I just got back from Chicago yesterday, and even though I didn't get to see much of the city, I did get a lot of nice shots. And I saw my first wind farm!


sorry :/

so I haven't posted in like six trillion years, because AP American History is kicking my a***. But hopefully in the upcoming days/weeks, i'll be inspired and have time to post something really good.
thanks guys :)

p.s. sorry for the crappy webcam picture. my house is so dark.....


miss williams

The darling Michelle Williams. So stylish and classy.

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i should be reading pride and prejudice.

I have to finish Pride and Prejudice by next monday and I'm on chapter 11 of 61. great.


double time.

i'm way behind on outfit posts, so here's two.

I hate my face, the weather, and the fact that my brother get's home before me, so I'm forced to take pictures indoors.

I've been thinking about doing an ABC's of Fashion Week. I would pick my favorite shows from each letter and choose which looks I liked the most. What do you think?

have an excellent day :)


this means more than love in a flashing room.

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2011

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