quite a classy moment

Jason Wu's Resort 2010 Collection left me wanting SO much more. From pale neutrals paired with pops of color to graphic prints with sleek solids, made me wish that a couple thousand dollars would magically appear in my pocket. Too bad I never believed in magic. I just love the utter classiness of the whole collection (is classiness a word?). Any designer that the First Lady wears, is brilliant in my book. And that's just what Mr.Wu's collection is, brilliant.Only some of my favorite looks:

all images from style.com


she's a sharp dressed woman

I think Zooey Deschanel's style is so adorable and quirky. In the above commercial, I love every single article of clothing! It's so girly and vintage-y(that word is used WAY to much). I wish I could raid that closet that she's in. Even her name is cool.


pose for the camera now

Since I managed to pull a 3.96 GPA last school year, as a reward my mom is going to get me a new camera, because mine broke. I take a lot of pictures, and the last few months that my camera has been broken have sucked. Even though I always hated that camera. Anyway, my mom's has pushed off going camera shopping for about two months now. I'm starting school in two weeks, and this is a VERY important year for me, so I'll need a camera. Here are a couple of things I came up with:

This would probably be the most amazing thing ever-Nikon D40 499.99

This is what I'll settle for-Kodak C160 89.77

This is what I'll probably end up getting-VistaQuest VQ-5115 49.88

That last one being the product of my mother's cheapness.And I'm definitely dreaming about that Nikon D40. Digital SLR cameras are SO expensive. It's almost ridiculous. I'll probably never have one, I don't even know why I even bother.

all images from walmart.com


ooohh, pretty flowers!

This dress is pretty darn adorable.

Wow, did I really just adorable?

Anyway, it's from F21, for $22.80. I wish I had it a couple months ago, because it's a little too springy for fall.


swallowed pride but spit out fire

This set shows some of my favorite pieces of clothing right now. I just got a black woven belt, well actually it was my grandpa's and I had to cut it in half and put duck tape on the end. But I still think it's cool. Also I REALLY REALLY want a cardigan vest, I think the one in the set is a men's one though. I haven't been school shopping yet, so hopefully I'll get some cool stuff when I find time to go.