Okay, so in honor of Wasted Words's 2 year anniversary (even though that was 2 weeks ago..) I'm going to have a giveaway! Don't worry, it will be super easy to enter, and you won't have to write a essay on why you should win..so here's the prize!

these beautiful chiffon and pearl earring from Forever 21. These are brand new, never been worn. I ordered them specifically for this giveaway, and soon they could be yours! All you have to do is leave a comment (with your name and email) on this post and be following me for one entry. For an additional entry, if you follow me on tumblr (neverleaveyouheartless.tumblr.com) leave your tumblr URL so I can check, and I'll automatically put your name in twice. This giveaway ends at midnight on September 10th! I'm not sure how long giveaways usually last, so I'm just gonna do two weeks.

thanks and good luck (:


better run and hide

my back to school lookbook! I go back in six days unfortunately....

since I did this, I probably won't be doing outfits posts for awhile.

thanks and I'm still going to do a giveaway, I just have to find something good.


your social guides give you swollen eyes

paris tshirt-thrifted



you and i may just be the best thing.

The above three videos are from thefashioncitzen channel on youtube. These girls know how to find cool and unique clothes for super cheap. And they know how to style them. They're fraternal twins, but they have very different styles. But both of them incorporate quirky and one of a kind items into their style. A lot of their clothes are thrifted, something they inspired me to do. I'm thankful that I stumbled upon their channel. Check them out !


take over the world

so these pictures look like s*** because i was too lazy to edit them. sorry guys :(

but anyway, I personally DIY bleached these shorts. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I think they turned out pretty cool. They kind of have an ombre effect, the very top is the original color, but the middle is bleach white and then fades to a light blue at the end. The shorts only cost me $3 at the thrift store. Pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

later gals.

p.s. comment if you have any giveaway ideas!


rub that line out of the sand.

so, I haven't posted since july...but anyways, i'm considering having a giveaway very soon! as soon as I think of something good, i'll post it. if you all have any ideas of something i can giveaway COMMENT PLEASE!

k thanks (: