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First College Party Experience
Hey guys! So this past Saturday I went to my first college party experience. I was interesting to say the least haha. I go to a school that is pretty much known for it's parties so everyone goes out all the time. I went out Friday night as well but the group I was with was unsuccessful with actually going into a party. So last night I went with a group of about 8 girls and we walked down a couple of the streets of campus. People were everywhere and there were a lot of parties, but us being inexperienced freshmen, we did not know how to approach them. The first house we went into was disturbing. There were a couple guys and some girls who were being straight up nasty so we immediately left. Then we walked around for about another hour and finally found one that seemed good. This one had a wannabe bouncer outside who said that if guys wanted to come in they had to have a girl with them. So this random kid asked me to go in with him and I said sure. So we got in and went upstairs. It was insane. The place was packed and hot and the music was so loud.  But it was great. I danced with a few guys, and after about 45 minutes we left and headed back to campus. So based off of last night I have a couple tips for you all (keep in mind that I've only been out twice so I am in no way an expert)

-Go with a group of no more than 6. Our group last night was fun but it was hard for us to stay together and not all of us even got into the party.

-Wear appropriate clothing. I honestly didn't think we were even going to get into a party so I just wore the shorts, tank and cardigan that I had worn that day. I go to school up north so it gets pretty cold at night. I'd definitely recommend leggings as a solution to that dilemma.

-If something seems sketchy, don't feel pressured to stay. Period.

-You already know the classic "watch your drink, don't take drinks from others"

-HAVE FUN! You'll never have moments like these ever again. Enjoy just being out and alive.

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