party time.

Not sure how to dress for a party based on the temperature? Check out my handy guide!

30-40 Degrees* 
Layering is key when going out in almost too cold weather. A scarf and warm boots will really make or break your night. The below combo has personally worked for me.
*anything below 30 degrees is too cold to go out IMO

30-40 degrees

35-50 Degrees
At this point it's warm enough to be a little more adventurous with your outfit, but you still need layers and warm pieces such as a cardigan and a hat.

35-50 degreess

45-60 Degrees
You can pretty much wear whatever at this point, but I'd definitely recommend that you cover your limbs.

45-60 degrees

50-70 Degrees
If it's really warm outside, you might actually want to wear very little clothes. Packed parties are guaranteed to be hot and sweaty and heat stroke is not cute.

50-70 degrees

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