It's the way I see, everything I need.

So no outfit post today, because what I wearing isn't worth a 20 minute appointment with my camera. (Which I'm think of naming Clive. or Optimus.) It's exam week, and I've been in and out of school.
My friend and I walked to the public library after our first exam. Out of complete boredom, I took some pictures.

My friend engrossed in a cheesy romance novel. (Undercover Virgin to be exact).

Our view from the room we were in. It was a gloomy day.

This one was taken at my house. Look at how boring my outfit is. It's a shame.

My brother and I, being the coolest people ever (sike), had a little fun dancing and jumping around, while my camera, erm...excuse me, Clive/Optimus took pictures. Because we're that mature. (Wow, I'm just dishing out the sarcasm in this post, along with the parentheses).

If you're taking exams right now, good luck !

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