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cardigan;old navy shirt;old navy  jeans; F21  shoes; UO belt; mother

My honors english class is acting out acts four and five of Romeo and Juliet. We had an act-off for Juliet, it was pretty good. The first girl was really serious and you could tell she really wanted it because she got into it. The second girl just laughed through the entire thing. It came down to a vote and the first girl won. When our director asked who wanted to be Romeo, all the guys tried not to make eye contact with her, it was hilarious. None of the guys volunteered for any male roles. And the two guys who would, happened to not be here today. How convienent. I wanted to be the costume person and Balthazar/Balthasar, even though it's a male role. We are watching Romeo + Juliet in class also, and his role in this version cracks me up for some odd reason. He hasn't had many lines so far, but he always just there, and it's somewhat humorous.

Hmm, anything else random I can ramble on about.... I don't think so.

Hope you guys had a lovely day!


  1. Funny one time we had a Black History Month play at our school about Mary Seacole and I got picked because I looked the most similar to her then again what do kids know at that age I was only about 6, LOL. I love your shoes and the way you tied that little bow as your belt.

    From Dolly

  2. I love your shoes! wow :D
    and I am such a huge fan of red + blue.
    so vibrant



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