in my ears part siete

Turning Tables by Adele
Very beautiful and meaningful song, her voice sounds so raw.

Cross My Heart (Acoustic) by Marianas Trench
Just discovered these guys a couple of weeks ago. I've pretty much fallen in love with their music...if you like this you should listen to All to Myself or Beside You

Dance With Me Baby by Ben Rector
Okay, so, He is seriously the most precious singer-songwriter alive. Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure he wrote this for his now wife. And I love it. Oh, and he has this other song called Hank, which i think might be about his nephew or something, it's too cute. All of his songs are fantastic.

Up Up and Away by Kid Cudi
Not gonna lie, I haven't been much of a Kid Cudi fan up until like a week ago. Still not completely sure about it : /
Anyway, this song somewhat sums up  how I feel about school and such right now. I 'm just like whatever, imma do me, and everyone else can do whatever. my philosphy is to not give an eff.

Ride to California by Paper Tongues
Lol, this is a great song to run to. Makes me want to move or jump or something. And I love the vocals on this, so good.

MoneyGrabber by Fitz & the Tantrums
Great song, the lead singer sounds like Daryl Hall to me...but maybe i'm crazy?

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