ease on down, down the road/when the dog bites, when the bee stings

Gosh, I love this movie. And at the same time I think it's the weirdst thing ever. The whole chase scene in the subway was pretty bizzare, after I'd watched it when I was old enough to understand it. I can't believe that scene didn't scare me from early on. I mean, that part is just SCARY. But the rest of the movie is fabulous.

I love how in all the pictures I managed to find, they all look scared half to death. But I guess they are for most of the movie. Where do I start with my favorite tunes from this movie? Honestly I like all of them. At least the ones that are immediately coming to mind. I always skip to the part when she first lands in Oz, or Munchkinland or whatever, because the part with the family bores me.

And you can't deny the late and great Michael Jackson's performance as the scarecrow. Beautifully executed!

If you've never seen The Wiz, I highly suggest you go rent it, or borrow it from someone. If you like musicals with 70s-ish music, and anyone in this star cast, you'll love it as much as I do.

and moving on to another classic....

The Sound of Music ! !

Yet another great musical, made before my time. I remember the first time I watched this movie, around age 6, I had rented it from the library and I sat down and watched the whole thing. Non-stop. Which is pretty crazy considering the movie is a staggering 167 minutes. I was shocked to find out it was that only that. I think if you've ever been in an American elementary music class, you've probably attempted to watch this movie. And you never finished it.

The dad always scared me a little, but I guess that's how it was supposed to be.

I love how all the children get along well most of the time. Well, I guess if your mom died and your dad was marrying some random lady, then all you would have were your siblings.This movie always makes me feel like I'm in the hills of Austria, right there with Julie Andrews,err excuse me, Maria.This is another movie with great songs, I kind of want the soundtrack.

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