emmys 2010

So, I'm a little late on this, but I just went back to school and I already have a crazy amount of homework so this is the first time I could get it in.

So Sunday was The Emmy Awards and I watch about half of it, I had school the next morning. But I DVR'd it and I'm pretty happy with the winners. Jimmy Fallon was pretty funny too.

So here are my favorites:

Claire Danes was so pretty and shiny and glamorous.

I think this color looked really good on her.

I'm a huge fan of Oscar de la Renta, and I think this was a great choice for her.

And I'm not going to do the ones I didn't like because, I'm most definitely not the most stylish person on earth and I have not always made the best fashion choices, therefore I have no right to judge anyone.

all images via style.com

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