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this is part two of my THRIFITNG series. today I'm going to give you all some tips for when you go thrifting.

     This is essential. Especially if you're going to a thrift store you've never been to and you don't know if they have fitting rooms. And most of the time even if they do, you probably are limited to three or five items and the employees probably don't want to be bothered with monitoring you in there. So make it easy for everyone and wear something like this : leggings and a long tunic-y top. I'd also recommend wear closed toe shoes, just because thrift store floors are not the cleanest.

 2. Don't get blinded by the prices.
    You may think that $2 for a top is not that bad, and it's not at all, but if you get five tops, three skirts, four pairs of shorts and two bags...you'll get up to the register and it will be like $60...I guess my point is get things that you REALLY like AND are in good condition. Don't get something you don't need just because it's cheap.

3. Try not to get things similar to something you already own.
     This is pretty much a general shopping tip. It may be 99 cents, but do you really need another v-neck?

 4. Look for quality or well known brands.
     Brands like Levi's, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. are abundant at thrift stores.

5. Make sure you have a minimum of an hour to spend.
    This mostly depends of the size of the store, but an hour is usually a good amount of time to go through everything and then get in line.

6. If a place or person seems shady or dangerous, LEAVE.
     I recently had a bad experience with a creepy man (he followed me around the store..) So I left very quickly. And I will not be returning to that store. A $4 bag is NOT worth it.

7. Try to go on sale days (if you want an amazing deal)
    All stores have sale days, call your local store to find out when. Keep in mind that sale days will be CRAZY busy, so be prepared.

8. Go early and on weekday.
    Stores will be less busy then, so you can take your time.

9. Bring cash.
   Unless your going to a place like Goodwill, most thrift stores do not take credit cards, so I'd recommend bringing enough cash.

10. Go through EVERYTHING.
      You seriously never know what you could find. You might even find something cool in the housewares section. I usually don't go through the t-shirts, but I did recently, and I found my amazing Paris shirt for only 99 cents!

11. Don't be afraid of a little DIY.
      Sometimes you might love the pattern of a skirt or dress, but you hate the length. Cut it and hem it! If you can't sew, pay a pro. If you buy the dress/skirt for $3, and it costs $10 to get it hemmed, then you paid $13 for the dress/skirt, which is worth it if you really love it.

12. Clean your things immediately when you get home.
          Most things can be tossed in the washing machine. Bags, shoes and jewelry should be wiped down with alcohol or any other disinfectant.

okay so now on to more of my recent finds:

These shoes which remind me of Jeffery Campbell El Carmen heels.

This bag which was just too good to pass up. It's perfect.



  1. Thanks for the tips!! :)
    lovely shoes!


  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

    xx, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com/

  3. Love a good oppy day!! Those platforms are hawt stuff bud.

  4. Such a great post, you've made some really good points. And cute finds as well! x


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