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okay, so today is going to be part one of a two part series on.....drum roll.....THRIFTING! YAY!
and today I'm going to show examples of trendy things that you can find at thrift stores for really low prices.

 As you can see the above two dresses are similar in print and silhouette (mine was a maxi dress but i cut it.)
The left dress is selling on asos.com for $50. My dress was only $4. and it's victoria's secret brand.

These two pairs of shorts are the exact same brand. And personally I think mine look like they're in better condition. The left pair is selling on revolveclothing.com for $121. Mine were $3.

Again, two fairly similar denim shirts,the left selling for $103 on asos.com. Bought mine for $3. (those shorts were also thrifted, $2!)

Now these are not necesarily similar, but they both are small backpacks. The left is $129, mine was $4.

Okay, so next i'm just going to show you some really cool things I got.

Tan Blazer, that still had the tag on it, for $4.

Floral maxi skirt $4.

Lace top, which is actually from Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's. $1

American Apparel sweatshirt $2. Silk skirt, that still had the tag on it, $5.

Paris tee (which I ADORE) and I got it for only 99 cents!!

so there we go! hope you all enjoyed and have been inspired to go thrifting. part two coming soon!

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