in my ears part ocho.

I can not even begin to explain my love for these boys. I was surprised to discover that I haven't blogged about them before. But if any of you have seen my tumblr, you're well aware of my love for them. This is my favorite song by them, even though I love pretty much every single song on their album, Torches. If you don't know Mark Foster, Mark Pontius, and Cubbie Fink by now, then you're pretty late.

p.s. I'm going to see them in OCTOBER!!!!

Another band I absolutely adore. And they're also coming in a few weeks, but they're opening for the goo goo dolls(who I have no desire to see) and the tickets are $40 :(
But anyway, I LOVE this song, and their new album. It's fantastic.

Literally just discovered these guys two days ago, and I can't get enough. I had heard of them before, but I didn't bother to listen to their songs...But then I saw the video for "Hawaiian Air" (LOVE THAT SONG) and I was intrigued. I listened to all of their songs and loved pretty much all of them. This songs has an amazing groove...And the lead singer has some pretty sick dance moves that never fail to amuse me.

I haven't invested a lot of time into listening to his music, but this is probably my favorite song by him. Mostly because Chiddy Bang is in it and I ♥ them.

I stumbled upon this song while watching a wedding video on youtube...I had heard their song "polite dance song" before and thought it was okay. But I pretty much fell in love with this song.

Houdini by Foster the People
YES I will put another FTP song on this post. They're so good I wish I could just put their whole album on this post. This song is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. just saying.

so anyways, I hope you all will discover your next music obsession from this post/playlist.
I have some REALLY good posts coming for you very soon. Probably in about 2 days !


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